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We are a non-profit making social and cultural union based in Munich, Germany. Our aim is to bring the Igbo culture nearer to people of other Nations, and also undertake some humanitarian activities.

For this purpose,we organise a lot of events like Summer Party, where we present our traditional Dance and Music; lectures; Kid`s ativities, etc. We also present our traditional costumes during some of our events. Furthermore, we also organise Christmas Gettogether, almost every year for members and their families.

Our football team holds their training sessions on Sundays, mostly in Summer. Sometimes, we also have a football competition with other teams in and around Munich.

Our cultural group do perform sometimes at special occasions, and on some private events.


Membership  to the Forum is open to all Nigerian Citizens of Igbo Origin and, Friends, living in Germany. Membership is also open to all Igbo people who are naturalized Germans, as long as they live in Germany.

Please, download and print the Registration Form, fill it and bring it along with you to any of our the General Meetings. For more information, please see our telephone number and email addresses at contacts.

For your application to be accepted, you must introduce yourself to the general assembly of Igbo Contact Forum and may be, answer some questions. The Board or the General Assembly have the right to delay the approval of your membership or at worst, reject your application.

The cost of Membeship is € 50.00

Any intending member is given the OBSERVER STATUS throughout the duration of his or her first appearance to the general meeting.

Any person of Igbo Origin on visit, can address the general meeting.

Non-financial members can address the general meeting if given the permission by the chairperson of the meeting.

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