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YEAR 2011

Week:   31 - 35

Eberechukwu or Ebelechukwu or Eberechi

Meaning: "God's Mercy"

Short forms: Ebele, Ebere, Eby

Gender: Unisex

Week:   25 - 30

Onyekachukwu (Onyekachi)

Meaning: "Who is greater than God?"

Short forms: Onyeka, Kachi, Onyii

Gender: Male

Week:   23 - 24


Meaning: "Who knows tomorrow?"

Short forms: Onyema, Amechi, Onyii

Gender: Male

Week:   21 - 22


Meaning: "Good or clean or clear hearted."

Short forms: Obi

Gender: Unisex

Week:   19 - 20

Okechukwu (Okenna)

Meaning: "My share from God"

Short forms: Okey

Gender: Male

Week:   17 - 18

Sochima (Sochukwuma)

Meaning: "Only God knows"

Short forms: Sochi, Chima, Chukwuma

Gender: Unisex

Week:   15 - 16

Ozoemena (Ozoemezina, Odoemena)

Meaning: "Let it not happen again"

Short forms: Ozo, Odo

Gender: Unisex

Week:   13 - 14


Meaning: "Love"

Short forms: Ify

Gender: Female

Week:   11 - 12

Nkechiyerem (Nkechinyere)

Meaning: "That, which God has given(to me)"

Short forms: Nkechi, Chinyere

Gender: Female

Week:   9 - 10

Kelechi, Kelechukwu or Kenechi
(Kenenna or Kenechukwu, Keneolisa)

Meaning: "Thank God"

Short forms: Kele, Kene

Gender: Unisex

Week:   8

Adamma (Adanma)

Meaning: "Beautiful daughter, Precious daughter or treasured daughter"

Short forms: Ada

Gender: Female

Week:   6 - 7

Odinakachukwu (Odinakachi)

Meaning: "Everything is in God's hands"

Short forms: Oddy, odinaka

Gender: Unisex

Week:   4 - 5


Meaning: "Peace is better"

Short forms: Udoka, Udo

Gender: Unisex

Week:   1 - 3


Meaning: "What is greater than a child?"

Short forms: Ginika

Gender: Unisex

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